Bluetooth Speakers

by Beoplay



The stereo system that breathes life into your music.

Beoplay A8 is a one-point stereo system with truly powerful acoustics. It’s simple and intuitive to use, it works with all devices – and we like to think it brings new life to both your digital music and your home.

We call it a modern-day party starter – and the design reflects that. It features black anodised aluminium that has been mechanically brushed to ensure long hairlines that give you a matte black finish on the shiny surface - and front speaker covers made out of black canvas.

You will perhaps notice that the cabinet is polished horizontally, while the control wheel is polished circularly, so that light is reflected differently on the stereo system – enhancing the craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Beoplay A8 fits in and stands out at the same time.


Beoplay A8 works with all devices. Whether it’s an Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod, an Android phone or tablet – or even a laptop you’re playing your music from, it’ll go hand in hand with the A8. No problems whatsoever! 

There is also an exchangeable dock that lets you place your mobile phone or tablet elegantly atop of the stereo system. This way you’ll have a cool, central resting place for your device – and it’ll even be charged while playing out your music. 

Want to use cables? You can do that too. There are connections for both Mini-USB cables and phono cables.

The choice is all yours.