• Mythos XTR-20BP

Mythos XTR-20BP

Surround and Atmos Speakers

by Definitive Technology



  • Slim bipolar surround speaker. 
  • The perfect speaker solution when you want big, high definition sound from compact, easy-to-use speakers 
  • Only 2-1/2 inches (6.4cm) deep for unobtrusive high performance 
  • Perfect appearance and timbre match for Mythos XTR series front speakers 
  • Bipolar driver array disperses surround sound over a wide area for enveloping effects 
  • Two high-definition XTDD 3-1/2 inch mid/bass drivers for life-like clarity 
  • Wall mount bracket and vertical table support stand included The XTR-20BPs are yet another astonishing breakthrough for Definitive Technology. 

The XTR-20BP matches the distinctive XTR series look - a gorgeous hand-polished, aircraft grade Aluminum enclosure. Because they use the same active drivers and tweeter as the rest of the XTR series they're perfect for use as surround speakers in a system made up of larger XTR main speakers. 

The XTR-20BP comes with an easy-to-use wall mount bracket and a convenient support foot when you want to use it on shelf or table. State-of-the-art engineering technology delivers the classic level of Definitive Technology sound quality: wide, dynamic soundstage, pinpoint imaging, and superb realism. Packed into the compact enclosure are proprietary damping technologies that ensure total rigidity, angled mid/bass drivers in PolyStone baffles, and a sophisticated Crossover Network. 

Superior Performance Components 

Each Mythos XTR-20BP contains two 3-1/2 inch XTDD mid/bass drivers that are angled in opposite directions to broaden the midrange dispersion for the kind of diffuse soundfield sought after by home theater enthusiasts for surround loudspeakers. Use the XTR-20BPs for surround channel duties and you'll be rewarded with spacious and enveloping surround effects that will make you feel like you're in the cast of the movie. 

The 1 inch Pure Aluminum dome tweeter produces extended highs that reveal nuance and shimmer without a trace of edginess. 

Rock-Solid Enclosure Mythos Series enclosures are hand-polished gloss Black aircraft-grade extruded aluminum with proprietary damping technologies that ensure total rigidity. All components are mounted on a resonance-free PolyStone baffle. These rock-solid construction technologies along with state-of-the-art drivers and tweeter serve to deliver classic Definitive Technology sound quality: wide soundstage, spacious imaging, high dynamic impact, and superb realism.